Espresso Beverages

Espresso Shot

The base of all our Lattes, Mochas, Macchiatos and other espresso beverages. Each intensely rich shot is pulled to capture the sweet nectar of the coffee beans. Because we believe perfect espresso is the key to the perfect espresso drink.


Hot espresso blended with mocha sauce and steamed milk. Then topped with whipped cream.


Delicious espresso drink you can make your own. Rich espresso blended with steamed milk becomes the perfect base for whatever flavors you choose to add. Rather it is vanilla, caramel, white chocolate or any seasonal flavors.

Flat White

Bolder than a latte, yet smoother than a cappuccino. The Flat White includes dual espresso shots and freshly steamed whole milk with velvety microfoam.


A cappuccino makes a great start to the day -- or a great mid day pick-me-up. Rich espresso blended with steamed milk then topped with smooth sweet foam.


Delicious Macchiato is layered with smooth silky steamed milk and is topped by a dense, creamy foam.


This simple drink consist of two espresso shots and hot water. The result is a rich cup of coffee, with the depth and nuances of freshly ground espresso offers.